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Men are Ruthless, Careless and Heartless?

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 2, 2023
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The world is enjoying advanced civilization,

Rich benefits are had via computerization,

For world's peace, happens space-exploration,

Is it not cruel war-declaration via ammunition?

Adversity arises by killing,

Prosperity blooms by tilling,

To toil, those who aren't willing,

Commit crimes that are chilling.

Million killings are daily done,

And then a war is finally won,

Is earth reducing her burden

By balancing the world-garden?

For filling one's hungry stomach,

One requires prayer and luck,

In life-game, many score duck,

Though they resort to hard-work.

Death is a mysterious secrecy,

With which none wants intimacy,

People may take insurance policy,

And pray for God's mercy in privacy.

So many boons, Nature provides,

What is provided, man just divides,

To do Injustice, he boldly decides,

By rules of truth, man never abides.

Gold, land, power and womanizing,

Are to him wonderfully hypnotizing,

The repercussions, he isn't realizing,

Only shortly, these will be pleasing.

He kills ruthlessly people by torture,

He forgets the wrath of holy Nature,

Cruelties, he continues to nurture,

Fact is, he too will die on a stretcher.

He invents very dangerous weapons,

But, forgets the superpower of pens,

His destructive tools, he ever sharpens,

His thirst for blood, day by day deepens.

He is making deadly inventions,

Which create fears and tensions,

God's name, he never mentions,

So, peace, God never sanctions?

M V Venkataraman

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