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My "May Day Message"

Is, "Must work even a sage"

Before sweat dries, give wage,

Do hard-work, before you age.

Between jobs, don't differentiate,

Any work well-done, you appreciate,

By toiling only, body must depreciate,

But, the mind must continue to initiate.

Your body, heavy sweats must inundate,

Among workers, be the best candidate,

Your body, before time may invalidate,

All your energy, to work, consolidate.

Hard-work strengthens your body,

And you look healthy and sturdy,

To do any lawful work, be ready,

To end vices, work is the remedy.

Every job possesses dignity,

And so is foolish having vanity,

"All must work" expects divinity,

So, develop toward work affinity.

Some useful thing, all must do,

Efforts must be honest and true,

Have contentment and not blue,

Optimism is the strongest glue.

Except mankind, every other creature,

Depends purely upon sacred Nature,

Man alone looks at money like vulture,

For him, truly there is no good culture.

Honest worker gets his due pay,

Saves something for the future day,

To enable him to work, he will pray,

God will stop his becoming prey.

Every worker, may holy God bless,

Let all workers wear colorful dress,

Let the workers' malady God redress,

By his skill every worker must impress.

Achieve your maximum best level,

Surely God will keep you always well,

In duty, one can find heaven or hell,

In your heart, let heaven alone dwell!

M V Venkataraman

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