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You can fulfill

Any kind of task,

Only need is that,

You have to involve

However tedious it may be,

Lose not heart my dear pal,

Take always that extra step,

You will achieve definitely.

Put your heart and soul,

Prohibit deviation firmly,

Be busy like an active act,

Mountains, you can move.

Develop your talent,

Think and act positively,

Augment your memory,

You will win no doubt.

World may discourage,

Fate may badly threaten,

Have courage in plenty,

March toward the target.

Boredom may set in,

Life won't be that lively,

Still you proceed ahead,

Until goal's achievement.

Job may be tiresome,

Rewards may be delayed,

Wait very very patiently,

Patience is a great trait.

Hold on always confidently,

By using unique prudence,

March on by being defiant,

You will be a sure winner.

You are by God watched,

So ever be extra careful,

Toil by breathing with hope,

God will reward you suitably.

All are God's dear children,

He knows when to offer help,

Rely on the Lord absolutely,

By chanting ever a prayer!

M V Venkataraman

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