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Loving will Sting by Proving it is Time-Wasting!

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 19, 2023
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My dearest young man,

Today itself make a plan,

To bring fame to your clan,

You can make a wise scan.

Youth will fade away faster,

So, take action dear Mister,

Knowledge, you muster,

Be in your field a master.

Fall not in love-traps,

Love is for foolish chaps,

For feather acquire caps,

Vital energy, love saps.

With will, master an art,

Put into it soul and heart,

To prove you are smart,

Great must be your part.

When you face discouragement,

Lose not heart even a moment,

Develop a bold temperament,

And pay yourself a compliment.

Think of your mom and dad,

If you achieve they will be glad,

So, achieve my dear young lad,

Being sad is absolutely bad.

After a perfect goal-fixation,

Spend not time in relaxation,

As that will lead to vexation,

Laziness is a kind of taxation.

Youth will soon away melt,

Time will unfavorably tilt,

By giving you a severe jolt,

God saves, if you have knelt.

Think not of marrying,

When you are so young,

Perform a useful thing,

Riches will be flocking.

Always be careful and extra cautious,

As peace of mind is for us all precious,

Love before twenty five is specious,

My advice may seem to be obnoxious.

Girls may come, but not age,

Love-battle, I also did wage,

Now I am a thorough sage,

My life, love did sabotage.

Young men, please wisely think,

This old man, you will then thank,

Due to love, all my goals just sank,

Draw admonition from my life-bank.

If everything next, goal first,

Your life will become the best,

Love is nothing but only lust,

It is no breeze, but just gust.

Please put in maximum concentration,

Prove your mettle via demonstration,

Bring fame plus name to your Nation,

Nation will give you a standing ovation.

For you God has fixed surely a match,

Your attention, she will one day catch,

Through marriage, open heart-latch,

Any problem, God and time will patch.

M V Venkataraman

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