Life on this Earth is a Real Myth's image
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Gone time will never come back,

Ageing is the main drawback,

Over life events, keep a track,

End may or mayn't be a setback.

Human body, man may dissect,

All the parts' role, he may detect,

Via medicine, he may cure defect,

But, the end is a mysterious aspect.

After end, where the soul goes,

Is a secret, which none knows,

Once Air avoids the dutiful nose,

Man's weakness, God will expose.

So many cruelties, man will perform,

And do to the world maximum harm,

Cheat everyone by using his charm,

But, against end, he can never arm.

A man may be a theist or an atheist,

He will be definitely in end's hit-list,

The Almighty may or mayn't exist,

But, end's arrival, none can resist.

World will end when the Sun ends,

Light and heat, now, Sun only sends,

To defeat end, can men make amends?

End won't agree whoever recommends.

Day by day, the Sun surely ages,

Burns Himself with no wages,

A wonder is, how He manages?

Who will heal the had damages?

Sun protects not only humanity,

But, all worldly things in totality,

He views world as one community,

He works by being a single entity.

Sun God's dazzling visibility,

Is a simple proof of God's ability,

Sun only gives the world stability,

Man boasts about his dexterity?

Sun is an example for manliness,

He is the embodiment of holiness,

Man, now realize your weakness,

Let His mercy give eyes wetness!

M V Venkataraman

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