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By the Almighty, we are united,

At first, you, when I sighted,

Word, 'love' my tongue recited,

I am sure you too were excited.

You belong to a different Hindu caste,

Still, love-vote, in your favor, I did cast,

Good qualities, we might have overcast,

Defects, we might have just under cast.

Still, each other we deeply like,

As our thoughts are ever alike,

Right mind balance, we did strike,

But, our parents went on a strike.

Their minds, we could convince,

By saying we committed no sins,

Courageous attitude surely wins,

For us only this fine world spins,

We two are never at all money-minded,

By God, some finance, we are funded,

Only on love, our marriage is founded,

By our mingling, let none feel wounded.

I love you and never your complexion,

We love not because love is a fashion,

We mayn't build for us a massive mansion,

We marry because of a common intention.

Even if you happen to reside in a hut,

That will never give my heart any cut,

Full affection in your heart I will put,

And make your hut by happiness glut.

During winter, I will function like wool,

During Summer, my touch will be cool,

My love-resources, I will kindly pool,

And use kindness as the only tool.

Even a small little lovely sparrow,

Saves something for tomorrow,

Love-savings prevent fully sorrow,

We have a mutual right to borrow.

Marriage brings between us unique connection,

We have come closer for possible correction,

Love and affection has brought us the attraction,

We have realized our dreams via God's action.

M V Venkataraman

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