Let not Giant Mind Faint's image
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Mind's power is unfathomable,

It is also highly indefatigable,

So, goals can be innumerable,

A confident mind is invincible.

After making goals' selection,

Chase them through application,

Against failure take precaution,

Have with God communication.

Problems are to only attack,

So, don't remain just slack,

Determination if you lack,

Success is hard to track.

Avoid haste and don't hurry,

Have in mind the patient tree,

Calmly if the task you ever carry,

Ultimately you will gain mastery.

Patience mingled with tolerance,

Is a kind of Godly deliverance,

Helping in victory's occurrence,

Patience is victory's preference.

Any state can be attained,

If mind and body are strained,

Pains and gains are chained,

By pain, gains are obtained.

If efforts are employed,

Success can be enjoyed,

If laziness is deployed,

Life becomes surely void.

View duty as an entertainment,

And derive enough merriment,

God will do the assessment,

Toil produces achievement.

View not failure with resentment,

Implement the needed improvement,

Patience is the only requirement,

Success is purely God's judgment.

Peace must be very firmly established,

Hope must be constantly replenished,

Fear must be absolutely abolished,

By God, you will be surely astonished.

M V Venkataraman

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