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Let Love-Breeze Freeze Lust-Gust

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 10, 2023
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Human heart is very delicate,

It must be carefully handled,

By being kind and affectionate,

It can be very easily swindled.

Many people don't realize this,

They indulge in heart-hunting,

Chance to be glad, they miss,

In life, they will be repenting.

When heart is by love touched,

There happens wonderful magic,

Enormous strength is fetched,

Then life remains never tragic.

Always In life, before it is too late,

Show kindness to the whole world,

Like love, nothing can compensate,

So, by love, let hearts be ruled.

By love, all the creatures are affected,

It is of all the best possible medicine,

Heart without love is badly infected,

And heaven views no love as a sin.

Various ways of expression,

Are there for love's exposure,

No love gives depression,

Leading to a hellish torture.

All the souls are badly in need of

Supply of love in enough quantity,

The decision to love,don't put off,

Give true love always top-priority.

In showing kindness, don't discriminate,

Let all get according to their requirement,

Pray to God to absolutely terminate,

Heart's poisonous feeling of resentment.

Loving is the best treatment,

Given to a heart that is ailing,

For improvement and betterment,

Without failing, do love-mailing.

Send words that comfortably soothe,

Never at all delay, but try to quicken,

Make worldly living peacefully smooth,

By loving hearts that are grief-stricken!

M V Venkataraman

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