Let Cushion Come from Profession's image
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Boredom is bound to in life come,

Chant sincerely a sacred hymn,

Your attitude, God will welcome,

A reformed man, you will become.

When a job is monotonous,

Don't fret and fume and fuss,

Render it with true happiness,

God will come to kindly redress.

Bring in your job improvement,

By analyzing every element,

Give not room for resentment,

Pay to yourself a compliment.

Start the day with good expectation,

And give your job a sweet invitation,

When you give a dutiful salutation,

You get blessed by the institution.

Love the job to derive peace,

Then, the job won't squeeze,

You will do the job with ease,

And will vanish the difficulties.

Find out new and fine remedies,

Don't regret with gloom please,

Positive ideas are useful keys,

Hope puts for heart grease.

Let everyone be warmly greeted,

And in a very friendly way treated,

He who has toiled and sweated,

Has in life never at all regretted.

When dejection sets in,

To destroy it, determine,

Hater of job commits a sin,

Peace for him is very thin.

No job is definitely that tough,

If you possess the needed stuff,

With contentment, say enough,

Then, life will never be rough.

Select a vocation carefully,

Do the allotted job dutifully,

Come up in life successfully,

Remember God gratefully.

M V Venkataraman

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