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Lead a life with full of thrill,

By being highly adventurous,

When you have a strong will,

You can become prosperous.

Happiness gives a youthful appearance,

Being cheerful is a very great blessing,

Keep in memory happy experience,

Then, happiness will never be missing.

Learn the art to kindly encourage,

By using a highly positive thinking,

Face discouragement with courage,

By preventing the soul from sinking.

Analyze any matter in detail,

Consider all the minute points,

Don't resort to head or tail,

As gambling always disappoints.

Various hurdles life will impose,

By praying, they are safely crossed,

How to help you? God only knows,

In His test, if you have passed.

Benefits arising out of smiling,

Are too many for man to count,

Whenever losses are blackmailing,

Please don't take them into account.

God exists everywhere,

Don't have any doubt,

Leave things in His care,

Let him fight the bout.

Peace is a wonderful stuff,

Which prayer easily delivers,

When life turns out to be tough,

Still win the staunch believers.

When you walk on life's path,

Good and bad occur side by side,

When you take in prayer a bath,

The Almighty comes to guide.

Time available is for all limited,

Without making any undue delay,

Let noble acts be wisely committed,

All your fears, God will surely allay!

M V Venkataraman

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