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Offer a smile,

Follow that style,

Success will pile,

You won't fail.

Defeat is a lesson,

To that carefully listen,

Fear is a prison,

It incarcerates reason.

Don't carry at all any doubt,

Get cleared by speaking out,

To be by everyone talked about,

Keep your heart strong and stout.

Believe fully in your ability,

And gain enough nobility,

Have a positive mentality,

With joy, do every activity.

Talk less and work more,

In life-game, you will score,

Watch from a sea-shore,

Deep sea will never roar.

Life is not redeemable,

So, make it enjoyable,

Weeping is pitiable,

It makes life abominable.

Whatever venture you may undertake,

You will surely at times make a mistake,

Get never dejected for Heaven's sake,

Sadness must never at all overtake.

In obeying duty, be damn strict,

Your power, fear will restrict,

For hoping, become an addict,

Toil hard for a successful verdict.

By good thoughts, mind is nourished,

By good efforts, goal is finished,

By good luck, defeat is punished,

By good heart, love is established.

On and often, your actions, you revise,

Your mind, prayer will finely regularize,

Praying opportunity, wisely capitalize,

With the Almighty, maintain proper ties!

M V Venkataraman

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