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Past may be a huge loss,

But, think of the present,

Still if you happen to resent,

Worry becomes your boss.

If present is well-utilized,

Future becomes very nice,

By any man who is truly wise,

This golden truth is realized.

Whenever mind is confused,

It refuses to properly function,

In the absence of proper action,

Power of mind is surely reduced.

Contentment is the best,

It can destroy easily greed,

Every desire is a bad seed,

That grows fast like a pest.

Anything beyond your control,

Must be tackled by only God,

Your main duty is to work hard,

To discharge promptly your role.

You must always patiently await,

Without giving room for confusion,

There will arise a definite solution,

To prove that you are indeed right.

By loving deeply others,

You develop your mind,

By always being kind,

Your cap gains feathers.

Carry smile in your face,

Fill with hope your heart,

Hopefully play your part,

You will have sunny days.

If victory is your aim,

Don't lose your patience,

Approach with confidence,

Favoring you, will vote time.

Always believe in wise repetition,

Learn this lesson from a spider,

One day, God will kindly consider,

And make you win in your mission!

M V Venkataraman

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