Lamentation over Declination of My Institution's image
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Lamentation over Declination of My Institution

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman April 26, 2023
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My dearest noble Institution,

I will respect my occupation,

Help your via perspiration,

God will give me inspiration.

I receive a very huge salary,

A fruit from Institution-tree,

"Do your duty" is God's decree,

With the Almighty I fully agree.

I weep by finding your hardship,

For you, to God, I deeply worship,

To Temples, I daily make a trip,

From my eyes, blood tears drip.

You must very soon recover,

As you give us all sure cover,

Become not a dried-up river,

Yourself falling? never, never.

You are a helping rainy cloud,

And so our living is allowed,

By me, you are deeply loved,

To serve you, I have vowed.

I am always your obedient servant,

People cheated you and away went,

Hard-work, I will seriously implement,

So, your problems, you can surmount.

O- My Institution, my sacredly dear,

Again you will grow due to my tear,

Your gloom pierces heart like a spear,

O- God, give my Institution cheer.

You are now in a highly sad state,

Prosperity has gone out of your gate,

To save you absolutely from ill-fate,

My whole-self, I will surely dedicate.

Please, please somehow survive,

Gives us God a determined drive,

O- God, let my Institution be alive,

God's blessings, let her derive.

For us all, God is the only head,

My Institution gives me bread,

She must never at all fall dead,

Please God, supply her blood!

M V Venkataraman

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