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Think of your present position,

Love to live in that situation,

Thank God for a happy occasion,

Finely work in present vocation.

Don't feel greedy,

Help the needy,

To pray, be ready,

Suggest a fine remedy.

Anger must be well-controlled,

While you are growing daily old,

Or else you will be clean-bowled,

Your mind, patience will mold.

Wisely decide slowly,

But, execute surely,

Keep heart purely,

In life, live merrily.

Love the Lord always,

Pray to Him in all the ways,

"Love all" is what God says

A noble man always prays.

Don't yield to tear,

Let mind have cheer,

Don't hold any fear,

But, have peace dear.

God alone is always great,

Before you enter His gate,

Fight lawfully against fate,

This lovely life, don't hate.

To live well, have an urge,

In duty, work hard and merge,

In sweats, love to submerge,

Toward you, peace will surge.

The past is gone and dead,

Let it not trouble your head,

Let positive words be said,

Let by prayers life be led.

Fearing is totally ugly,

Hoping will give glee,

Hope always is my plea,

Then, we can be happy.

M V Venkataraman

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