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Job is Nectar Whether Private or Public Sector

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman April 15, 2023
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By a company you are hired,

As your services are required,

To serve well, if you feel tired,

Soon, you will be surely fired.

People in private sector,

View work as fighting a war,

A toiler becomes a rising star,

He may be give even a car.

But, there will be job insecurity,

In the job, employees' continuity,

Is to a great extent an uncertainty,

As staying depends upon his ability.

Job-hopping for a better pay scale,

Is in private sector an accepted tale,

One job may become very soon stale,

A better boss may accept skill's sale.

Too much of foolish indulgence

In job-skipping is real imprudence,

One must gain employer's confidence,

Which will come only via endurance.

The drive to earn huge profits,

Forces the employer to cut benefits,

In the job, if an employee finely fits,

That job, the employee never quits.

There remains of course a vast difference,

Between private and public sector in lenience,

In public sector, showing utter indifference

Is never at all regarded as a roguish offense.

Though public sector is highly convenient,

To those who are led by sheer contentment,

Stagnation will give surely disappointment,

For ambitious men, they are never meant.

Promotion may be very very quick,

Remuneration may be very very thick,

But, private employer carries a stick,

That may make one mentally sick.

Like many having preference over music,

Whether organization is private or public,

Hard-work satisfying the conscience is basic,

God-faith makes the right job certainly click!

M V Venkataraman

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