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I Haven't Slept as Sad Emotions Erupt

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 1, 2023
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My dear self, your sleeplessness,

Is a disease needing carefulness,

First take care of mind's cleanliness,

Fill the heart with sacred Godliness.

Whatever may be the thing,

Develop a controlled liking,

The poor sleeps, not the king,

Isn't this truth highly striking?

In any defeat as well as great glory,

Let moderate emotions, you carry,

From your head, remove worry,

On a pillow, your head, you bury.

Modern life runs at a fast pace,

All prefer to reach the first place,

Fate is controlled by God in space,

Think like this, have no sad days.

Brief death is called sleep,

If it is damn strong and deep,

So well, health, you can keep,

You will also sleep, don't weep.

To Nature, all other creatures are exposed,

Modern man's mind is badly decomposed,

Confidence in the Almighty isn't reposed,

Men have proposed, God has disposed.

Modern man is too much ambitious,

He forgets that life itself is fictitious,

In search of pleasure, he is serious,

Such a mission is indeed pernicious.

If he follows a perfectly planned program,

And restricts desires via contentment-dam,

And is satisfied with available bread and jam,

His sleep increases from gram to kilogram.

Body, mind and also your soul,

Should be under your control,

In noble programs if you enroll,

Your time will peacefully roll.

For the poor, sleep is the cheapest,

That is sound to make them robust,

Please do physical labor, I request,

For sleep, praying alone is the best!

M V Venkataraman

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