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Complacency leads surely to stagnation,

A truth after universal experimentation,

How to avoid it with great determination?

A question helping unfulfilled ambition.

Initial success must not intoxicate,

Future hurdles will be damn intricate,

Enough attitude, you try to eradicate,

Vacillate not, positively prognosticate.

Finish one task and pursue another,

Stop not anywhere my dear brother,

To contribute positively ever bother,

For great things you will be a father.

Enthusiasm must exist in every profession,

For God to give generously concession,

Once hard-work becomes an obsession,

In goal, there will never be any recession.

If genius Albert Einstein had felt weary,

Wouldn't have come relativity theory,

And he wouldn't have made any history,

Impossible is only in a fool's dictionary.

If Edison had become tired quickly,

World wouldn't have been so lovely,

He mused over day and night deeply,

And contributed inventions profusely.

Don't sit and simply frown,

To become in life a clown,

And at a later stage mourn,

By making spirits go down.

Strength you firmly gather,

Then, pursue wisely further,

Let not your will just wither,

Add finely to cap feather.

You are holding freedom,

What hinders is boredom,

If you turn tired seldom,

You can rule a kingdom.

By hard-work, God is attracted,

All your problems are subtracted,

When maximum sweat is extracted,

Your goal remains not protracted.

M V Venkataraman

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