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Hard-work surely elevates,

It adequately compensates,

That art he who cultivates,

Passes via victory-gates.

Patiently he who proceeds,

Invariably in life succeeds,

Patience fulfills all our needs,

He who is patient always leads.

If the present is best-utilized,

A rosy future can be devised,

If the past is properly revised,

Success can be actualized.

From the past mistakes, learn,

But, never at all gloomily mourn,

The experience that you earn,

Will nicely help you in each turn.

Any work do sincerely,

Reward will come surely,

Don't at all decide hastily,

Accept no task reluctantly.

Work not with any grudge,

Know when to wisely budge,

Kindness is a solid bridge,

Use it to enjoy a better edge.

With yourself, you shrewdly discuss,

Then, your own self, you can assess,

You can know what talents you possess,

And use them properly for your success.

Fear is a great impediment,

That will destroy your talent,

For losing, you aren't meant,

Have with guts an agreement.

By being foolishly pessimistic,

You become then mentally sick,

Optimism gives a positive kick,

By operating like a magic-stick.

Belief in God is fundamental,

Your emotions, to God, you tell,

Avoid trying to be sentimental,

For you, peace of mind will petal!

M V Venkataraman

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