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Happy New Year to all

To share kindness let us call

For love let us happily fall

Making differences small

Every moment is to celebrate

Let hopeful thoughts invigorate

By loving without being late

Please create a Heavenly climate

By adopting a positive resolution

Let us produce a useful revolution

By offering an amicable solution

Let us end every wrong illusion

If by us is at any place seen

A tearfully heart-rending scene

Without being cowardly and mean

Those wounds, let us kindly clean

By not at all being selfish

Let us form a generous wish

By pointing out others' blemish

Let us take efforts to admonish

Peace for all if we kindly propose

Such a proposal none can oppose

If our kindness we with love expose

We plant in every heart a lovely rose

If we convey a kind message

It will brighten life-passage

We must ever add an advantage

And encourage instilling courage

Revenge is a very wrong practice

Peace of mind, it will surely freeze

Forgiving is an Angelic breeze

Hearts of all, it will appease

Let this New Year help you achieve

A peaceful life let it help weave

May God help you to strongly believe

Noble schemes let your brain conceive

My best wishes, I now furnish

Blessings from God will be lavish

To continue living, let us all relish

A marvelous World, let us establish!

M V Venkataraman


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