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Have a Positive and Creative Initiative

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 19, 2023
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Believe that you definitely can,

You will win my dearest man,

Learn from that prudent swan,

To segregate bad from the plan.

Bad habits are easy to form,

They will do maximum harm,

Life will lose its lovely charm,

Worry will hit like a storm.

Laziness is the worst of all,

Avoid it my dearest pal,

Laziness builds an iron wall,

Suppressing victory's call.

Initially laziness will be exciting,

By sapping the zest for fighting,

Surely after a very lazy waiting,

The defeats will be soul-biting.

If a man isn't answerable,

His life becomes miserable,

Very soon he faces trouble,

And he finds living terrible.

Complacency is a form of laziness,

It also surely destroys living business,

Noble goals gain greatness and holiness,

To achieve them, life needs orderliness.

Form great teams,

Have high dreams,

Plan noble schemes,

That have fine themes.

Everything is difficult initially,

So take extra efforts specially,

God's help is needed essentially,

Success will come providentially.

Breaking of habits is very very hard,

To follow a habit, mind will gladly nod,

By forming a powerful thought-squad,

Break bad habits to create a record.

Get from God enough mercy,

To stop your being always lazy,

Success is invariably choosy,

"Reward Toil" is its only policy.

M V Venkataraman

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