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Guidance of Providence Fetches Richest Dividends

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 15, 2023
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Peace is very hard to track,

If God-faith you totally lack,

Success is a hard-nut to crack,

In efforts, if you are slack.

You pray just only once,

The effect will be immense,

To believe, if you commence,

A miracle really happens.

Practice constantly,

Do anything consistently,

Expect not success instantly,

Think wisely to live pleasantly.

Power of hope, try to understand,

When hope touches desert-sand,

Desert becomes a fertile land,

Prosperity will be very grand.

Mind is a highly powerful force,

For faith, God is the only source,

To God, have a hopeful recourse,

He will finely your life-course.

In mind, great power is hidden,

To bear any kind of burden,

For a task to be very well-done,

Grow hope in the mind-garden.

Whenever you feel greatly vexed,

Due to fear, you will be perplexed,

In any act, if courage is also mixed,

Result of that act is favorably fixed.

Hard-work and success are brothers,

They both are admired by all others,

Pure God-faith, he who wisely gathers,

Finds that his hope never at all withers.

Ever pray hopefully,

Lead this life peacefully,

Spend life-time usefully,

Always act carefully.

God is our sole guide,

In heart, let Him reside,

When God-faith has died,

Then, peace is denied!

M V Venkataraman

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