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Always obey your conscience,

And keep it in a good condition,

Let there not be any violation,

In studying wisely love-science.

You may become even aloof,

Lose money and friendship,

Mind never the hardship,

Saves God in the Sky-roof.

You may be detested,

For your will's rigidity,

Stop not your activity,

The task be contested.

Be like the toiling tier,

By helping things move,

By this way, you prove,

Your mind won't retire.

Win not at any cost,

Losing isn't shameful,

But, sadness is harmful,

So forget the sad past.

If you are misunderstood,

Pray to God for clarification,

As per your specification,

God will do immense good.

Think not you are a cog,

In a gigantic machine,

Feeling inferior is a sin,

Be not like a well-frog.

Every word is a gem,

Very very precious,

Wasting it is atrocious,

Put for your mouth gum.

Your surroundings, you electrify,

By showing love that is perennial,

Pray and to the Almighty you dial,

When your troubles badly magnify.

Keep service as your only motto,

And help all like sacred Nature,

Via good acts, be a wise teacher,

Like genius Socrates and Plato!

M V Venkataraman

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