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God-King will Take Care of Everything

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman April 20, 2023
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God only sent me,

He will offer help,

I must reach Him,

Assistance is sure.

Let me dedicate,

To the task ahead,

If there is sincerity,

Everything is easy.

The job may be tough,

Let me work damn hard,

And master it absolutely,

Problems will melt away.

I possess great guts,

With God's blessings,

None can shake it,

As it is God's gift.

Seek God for assistance,

As humans aren't reliable,

Approach God with kindness,

He will guide and protect you.

Believe in God,

Don't suspect,

Work with faith,

Bliss will then flow.

Develop a broad mind,

Let heart possess mercy,

Getting peace is definite,

Never forget the Lord.

An unknown force rules,

And dispenses Justice,

Obey that force willingly,

Enjoy the resultant peace.

What others boldly do,

You who sincerely pray,

Can successfully repeat,

Please make an attempt.

Your path will be bright,

If all God's commands,

You honestly execute,

Feel peacefully hopeful!

M V Venkataraman

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