God and Toil Fix Success to Perplex's image
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If you have the will,

You can surely pull,

Please feel not dull,

To hope, I now tell.

just Ignore initial toughness,

Do your duty with calmness,

Approach with real firmness,

Totally avoid carelessness.

Experience the trouble,

So as not to feel feeble,

Pleasure will just double,

If you are highly capable.

Please be ever true,

To the job that you do,

Have not in mind blue,

Trouble dries like dew.

When rules are obeyed,

When you have prayed,

When you have stayed,

Will success be delayed?

You will smooth-sail,

By offering a smile,

Work hard without fail,

Your plan, all will hail.

Today itself bravely begin,

Your fate, you determine,

You then will definitely win,

Fearing is a despicable sin.

Allow not any kind of distraction,

Put in maximum concentration,

Pray to God for sacred protection,

Reward is sure for keen attention.

Gradually master any art,

By becoming extra smart,

Possess a fearless heart,

Art is long, but life is short.

Look at the infinite Sky,

Try something so high,

Ask never God, why?

All come under His eye!

M V Venkataraman

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