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God and Nature Decide Life's Structure

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 6, 2023
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God beats worries to pulp,

Pray and seek from Him help,

If the purpose is nobly beneficial,

God turns the sanctioning official.

For everything God is the witness,

His blessings solve eyes' wetness,

When He fully occupies the emotion,

There comes an unflinching devotion.

By seeing God's action, Nature responds,

With Nature God always corresponds,

Man also Nature definitely includes,

Man's problems, prayer precludes.

Under the glowing Sun,

Every existence has a reason,

All move as per God's direction,

He is a master in resurrection.

God-faith heals the mind,

In love, God, we can find,

God holds world's reins,

Appears in all the scenes.

By God only all are made,

So He will provide shade,

Right steps, He will take,

And stop our heart-ache.

When God-faith mingles with bravery,

Fate arranges for victory's delivery,

Courage and God-faith have no parallel,

They will bring peace that will surely lull.

Love not in a hurry or haste,

Prayer never goes waste,

Mighty God is ever fair,

He is hidden like the Air.

Let good acts be done,

For sins, get His pardon,

At the time of soul's escape,

God will see the soul's life-tape.

When sins aren't at all committed,

To go to Heaven, soul is permitted,

All our actions undergo keen evaluation,

To Heaven, noble souls have elevation!

M V Venkataraman

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