God and Hard-Work will Safeguard's image
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Believe in God's help,

Let not thoughts wander,

Always duty only is first,

Follow this golden motto.

No problem will last long,

Everything will end soon,

At no time prefer to cry,

Plan ahead for salvation.

World is for your good,

Nature helps with care,

Understand Nature fully,

And abide by her rules.

Offer others your love,

At no time turn angry,

Cooperate properly,

Rely on God, fear not.

Never at all exhibit fear,

Try to first understand,

Follow rules of discipline,

Never be in a great hurry.

Stick firmly to your goal,

Honestly make a pursuit,

Ever aim at only winning,

Slacken not your pace.

Follow only the truth,

Get never misguided,

Always love everyone,

Be ready to sacrifice.

God really lives,

So, pray with faith,

God will bless you,

For peace of mind.

All are under God's control,

He will surely neglect none,

Always be obedient to Him,

Pray to Him always earnestly.

Walk ever on the right path,

Shown by the mighty Lord,

You will definitely prosper,

Make all rich in holy peace.

M V Venkataraman

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