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Fully Trust in God to Live Peacefully

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 17, 2023
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Upon God, totally rely,

Surely He will reply,

Hope, He will supply,

His presence is no lie.

He will give you daily bread,

He will sweeten dreams in bed,

If His name is prayerfully said,

To real safety, you will be led.

Day and night chant His name,

While playing this life-game,

You will never at all face shame,

Instead will gain name and fame.

God will keep you robust,

If you put in Him full trust,

Always prayer is a real must,

As evils, prayers can arrest.

When fate inflicts on you a curse,

God will definitely come to nurse,

To help the poor, open your purse,

His blessings, God will disburse.

With flowers, when God is decorated,

God feels obliged and greatly elated,

Because a pure heart is by God located,

Blessings are instantaneously allocated.

When you are in distress,

On prayers, lay full stress,

God will with love bless,

To give you happiness.

Pray to God in general,

Stay of God is eternal,

Not praying is abnormal,

God helps without denial,

Approach God immediately,

Clutch at His feet resolutely,

Chant a prayer very sincerely,

Life well-changes completely.

God alone is always great,

He only can control fate,

He will change sad state,

Pray before it is too late!

M V Venkataraman

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