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Frustration Does Infiltration

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 22, 2023
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Greatly and honestly I tried,

But, success was to me denied,

All my ambitions sadly died,

God was opposite to my side.

Day and night I wept,

Never peacefully I slept,

Very hopefully I leapt,

I fell and became bereft.

I felt like being crucified,

By none I was pacified.

My agonies multiplied,

To me, God coolly lied.

Whatever I touched,

Fate cruelly snatched,

I was by God ditched,

Zero my effort fetched.

To console me, no true friend,

I was awaiting my gloomy end,

In my path, everywhere bend,

Me, why did God here send?

God's feet, I tightly held,

As I am His dear child,

My fate, He alone ruled,

But, in the dust, I rolled.

In tears, I sorrowfully swam,

And built via efforts hope-dam,

My faith wasn't bogus or sham,

I was just like a deserted lamb.

The Almighty was extremely rude,

His punishment for me was crude,

My courage wasn't at all renewed,

I at last ceased to be that shrewd.

Tension, fear, worry and agony,

Made me look gloomy and tiny,

I with respects obeyed destiny,

For my problems that wee many.

Let my mind be clearly stated,

At present I feel devastated,

My losses weren't compensated,

By the Lord I was badly slated.

M V Venkataraman

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