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Fore-vision Protects Your Ambition, Position and Mission

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 11, 2023
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Decide firmly and don't waver,

Then, only you, time will favor,

Allow in mind any fear never,

Guts must be a perennial river.

Imagine not that you surely can't,

That attitude, success doesn't want,

If negative feelings come to haunt,

Failures alone will arise to taunt.

This life God gave,

He will surely save,

Forget the grave,

Fear not, be brave.

Do your duties meticulously,

Succeed in life marvelously,

Any job, perform assiduously,

Failure will die ridiculously.

Always be hopeful and cheerful,

Never keep your mind ill or dull,

God's holy name if you often spell,

He will surely make you feel well.

Firmly avoid sadness,

Fill heart with gladness,

Worrying is madness,

Destroy that weakness.

Like a bee, nobly gather,

About trifles, don't bother,

Learn to face any weather,

Be bold my dear brother.

Let nothing give you terror,

Even if you commit any error,

Remember, even an Emperor,

Made many blunders occur.

Any task, boldly begin,

Avoid every kind of sin,

Nobly if you happen to win,

Peace will then barge in.

You are under God's observation,

If you apply deepest dedication

God makes a heavenly reservation

After your life-journey's completion.

M V Venkataraman

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