For Victory's Birth Work with Mirth's image
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Give your mind instruction,

To go in the right direction,

Stop not with Goal's erection,

Follow it up with proper action.

Victory is within your reach,

In oath bring not any breach,

Bitter lessons will finely teach,

Experience helps wisely preach.

Reward is sure through constant practice,

When initial failure comes to badly tease,

Carry on further by keeping mind at ease,

Success will make defeat ultimately cease.

Your fullest talent when you use,

Success will be the only news,

When defeat comes to confuse,

Confidence, prayer will infuse.

Hurdle is nothing but God's test,

If you pursue without taking rest,

God helps you win the contest,

You will be admired by the rest.

Ever be active like the ant,

In life, you will become a giant,

Great dreams, let your mind paint,

Tell God if there is a complaint.

Don't worry,make a sincere attempt,

Never approach the goal with contempt,

In taking a constructive action, be prompt,

Yield never though laziness may tempt.

On your way troubles you will meet,

If you fear, you will face only defeat,

Retreat never, continue to repeat,

You will achieve something concrete.

Your path when hurdles badly block,

Work very hard and don't just talk,

Unmindful of the ever working clock,

Hurdles will vanish, then you can walk.

Try for victory's possession,

Let it not become an obsession,

None can win in succession,

Pray when life faces recession!

M V Venkataraman

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