Find Sacred Beauty in Duty's image
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Do work without grudging,

Apply total concentration,

Never at all notice the clock,

Time will fly away very soon.

Let not your attention divert,

With others, fully cooperate,

Avoid the slightest mistake,

Be vigorous in doing duty.

Smile is a diamond crown,

Wear it gracefully forever,

Bother not about difficulties,

Attach importance to work.

Be always flexible,

Wasting time is a sin,

Engage in a useful act,

Peace will evenly spread.

Retreat never by fearing,

Regard duty as a challenge,

Take efforts relentlessly,

You will then achieve a lot.

Conceal fear, reveal guts,

Always share your courage,

Never lose your heart,

Everything can be solved.

He who decides to work hard,

Is marching toward victory,

When mind feels damn afraid,

Just make self-patting remarks.

Daily learn a new thing,

Acquire mastery in work,

All will demand your help,

Assist those who approach.

Have a serving tendency,

And become sought after,

Let mercy ever sprout out,

Of your heart in plenty.

God is your ultimate boss,

Always pray by obeying,

Take to Him your problems,

He will supply remedies!

M V Venkataraman

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