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Take time to wisely decide,

By taken decision, you abide,

And expect a favorable tide,

Surely the reward will be paid.

Learn the power to tolerate,

Let patience be adequate,

Let not mind badly vacillate,

For you in life to accelerate.

Fear and tear surely help not,

But, helps a positive thought,

You ought to get self-taught,

That action less life will rot.

Firmly eliminate gloom,

From the heart-room,

To work, joyfully resume,

Success makes you zoom.

Fate will, at you, just laugh,

And try to humiliate and dwarf,

If hope is by you switched off,

Reward is zero, not even half.

Be not mentally puny,

The Goal may be tiny,

If efforts are phony,

Life won't be sunny.

When you profusely sweat,

Your body becomes wet,

Success-crop, you will get,

You will acquire no regret.

Losses will give you pep,

Help you wisely step up,

By showing every trap,

Cup slips not from the lip.

Worrying is of negative use,

The right steps if you choose,

You will definitely not lose,

It is time to correctly muse.

Let not thinking become narrow,

To escape from gloom and sorrow,

Let the faith in God be thorough,

God will take care of tomorrow!

M V Venkataraman

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