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With what you have, adjust,

Participate in living contest,

To the bird in every nest,

Everyday is a crucible test.

Remain not complacent,

As life won't be pleasant,

To smell success-scent,

Efforts must be decent.

Enough attitude is required,

If you have too much acquired,

Otherwise never at all feel tired,

Let efforts reap what is desired.

With greed, don't chase,

And spend sorrowful days,

God won't support your case,

As your greed has disgrace.

Aim for further development,

By using brain as an instrument,

In hard-work make an investment,

There will surely be improvement.

By fate, you will be dragged,

By defeats, you will be ragged,

If your will-power hasn't sagged,

Then, success can be bagged.

This life, you must have to lead,

Without giving room for greed,

Work-hard for your genuine need,

Be honest in your word and deed.

Adjusting the mind is a fine secret,

Which people don't that easily get,

Over losses don't too much regret,

Toil makes losses vanish, I now bet.

You can definitely do better,

Never at all feel wrongly bitter,

Past losses truly don't matter,

To succeed, be a good fighter.

Sun daily dutifully comes and goes,

Supplying us helps in enough dose,

Before breathing is stopped by nose,

To be like the Sun, you firmly propose.

M V Venkataraman

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