Education Brings Elevation's image
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You are a very good student,

Not when you are intelligent,

But, when you are obedient,

Obedience is very important.

Class room is a holy shrine,

Where knowledge you gain,

Knowledge helps you shine,

By finely shaping your brain.

A well-utilized class room,

Takes away in life gloom,

Life will brightly bloom,

Knowledge has a boom.

A teacher imparts well education,

That will accompany on all occasion,

A student learning with dedication,

Will solve, in life, every complication.

Nation depends upon schools,

Brains are the best tools,

All the brains, School pools,

It teaches life-supplying rules.

A teacher is God in disguise,

He only brings in life Sunrise,

Teacher's brain is a noble device,

That makes a novice highly wise.

Learning requires concentration,

And also colossal determination,

By making a vital contribution,

Get standing ovation from Nation.

With a full heart,

Learn gladly any art,

It will surely escort,

And play a vital part.

Learning has no limit,

It will sharpen your wit,

Cultivate a learning habit,

Forever you will feel fit,

Life must be lived well,

Be not a frog in a well,

Learn to acquire a skill,

Usefully you can sell.

M V Venkataraman

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