Duty Well-Done Solves the Burden's image
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Love the job you do,

With a positive view,

If problems crop up,

Toil to win the cup.

Struggle to be successful,

Be ever in mind dutiful,

Retreat not in doing duty,

As it bestows prosperity.

Don't at all tremble,

Let your guts assemble,

You boldly look forward,

To toil, you can afford.

Analyze problems nonchalantly,

Then, attack them vehemently,

Ever be courageous and brave,

Bravery and courage will save.

Do calmly difficult tasks,

Tough job he who asks,

Wins fame assuredly,

And leads all invariably.

Do any task quietly,

Achieve it superbly,

Your action must speak,

Your help, all must seek.

Thoroughly scan the job,

Don't fear and sadly sob,

Always duty only is first,

Do it to your level best.

Practice alone makes you perfect,

Repetition gives the desired effect,

Decide shrewdly in work's favor,

Let sweat form a perennial river.

Learn the trade comrade,

To reach high level grade,

Surely anything you can,

To make the world your fan.

Have faith in the Divinity,

Relinquish your vanity,

Results will be damn fair,

As God is always there.

M V Venkataraman

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