Duty is Equal to the Almighty's image
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Do to your work full Justice,

Have against none prejudice,

For peace, faith is the genesis,

Lazy man suffers right nemesis.

When you do your work with reverence,

Aptly God arranges for fine deliverance,

Your honesty stands as the best evidence,

For you to get the blessings of Providence.

To do hard-work, you be always ready,

For any ailment, it is the best remedy,

Lives of lazy people end only in tragedy,

Expose not your valuable life to jeopardy.

When comes in your way any impediment,

Prayer makes to remove it an arrangement,

Anger and frustration lead to estrangement,

The will to win gives the best inducement.

By hard-work, your entire self is purified,

When pessimism and laziness have died,

To you, by God, peace will never be denied,

You will know when it is practically applied.

For every problem, a solution definitely lies,

In a place secretly beyond one's both eyes,

One who works hard and also tells no lies,

Gets peace of mind as he sincerely tries.

Work less and get a huge pay,

Carves to hell a broad way,

It is robbery done during day,

It is tantamount to foul-play.

God in His sacredly maintained time-register,

Records the acts of Ms, Mrs, Miss and Mister,

Work hard my dear brother and dear sister,

Or else the role of fate will be only sinister.

Only God you must have to well satisfy,

As to Him only you have to finally reply,

Toward Him, at any time, soul may fly

Use conscience, this is what I now imply.

Your job, you should never hate,

Don't go to working spot late,

Have a determined mental state,

Will open for you Heaven's gate!

M V Venkataraman

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