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Don't grieve,

Forget the loss,

Again attempt,

Think of the spider.

Learn to patiently endure,

Patience is the best skill,

Improvement may be slow,

Stop not action, but pursue.

Hidden power is massive,

Almost all don't realize,

Only when efforts are taken,

Our prowess gets exposed.

In life, dejection is foolish,

Worry negatively contributes,

Enthusiasm makes mind fertile,

Only then great ideas originate.

Whenever comes defeat,

Hopefully deliver a prayer,

Fill the mind with peace,

Boldly plan further action.

Always winning is surely impossible,

If loss comes, accept and swallow,

But, don't forget to wisely analyze,

The reason why loss was imposed?

Read the life-history of any man,

There will be surely a loss-chapter,

The Almighty is always impartial,

His actions are fully mysterious.

After coming to this world,

Everyone is given a duty,

Once duty is properly done,

God feels immensely pleased.

Give not room for self-pity,

When reputation is at stake,

Hard-work is the best solution,

It never at all goes a waste.

By God all are keenly watched,

None can escape His holy eyes,

Obey always that Unknown force,

And live this life well with mirth!

M V Venkataraman

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