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Happily accept any result,

As it is God's intention only,

Utilize time very carefully,

Time will give its blessings.

Lazily spend not time,

Find some job to do,

Take adequate rest,

To equip for the task.

Don't fear, but understand,

Forever you approach God,

Condition body and mind,

Always stay bold and brave.

Love to do your duty,

Show Justice to work,

Help kindly the poor,

God will help you then.

God is ever watching you,

So be sincere and dutiful,

Allow never a single slip,

Keep conscience perfect.

Forget never to pray,

Chant God's name,

Always think nobly,

Peace will hug you.

Earn wealth decently,

Cheat not anyone else,

Generously help beings,

To get God's blessings.

To ever work, be prepared,

Take rest for recuperation,

Stop not taking true efforts,

Victory will surely arrive.

God can be found everywhere,

By being a good-minded being,

Be amply by the Lord rewarded,

As He will bless at the right time.

Don't at all forget God,

Prayers will be answered,

Have an unflinching faith,

That faith will bring remedy!

M V Venkataraman

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