Defeats Prevented by the Talented's image
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Practice makes you perfect,

By canceling every defect,

Your duty is to wisely detect,

Your talent and then finely act.

Great talent you may possess,

But, If you use it less and less,

It will become gradually useless,

A defeated soul, all will assess.

To such an end, give not room,

Today itself, you please resume,

Like a flower, you will bloom,

In fame, you will enjoy a boom.

Day and night, preserve your talent,

By the Almighty it is kindly to you lent,

Use it in life for mood to be pleasant,

For hard-work, give your consent.

To your own self, make a promise,

That opportunities you won't miss,

In efforts only lies life's actual bliss,

The job of victory-sanctioning is His.

Sharpening your skill,

Must give you thrill,

Toil is the only pill,

That gives a fine skill.

Unused talent soon vanishes,

Its possession, time banishes,

A man may possess blemishes,

That blemish, talent demolishes.

Very few talents are inborn

Let not your feelings be torn,

Dejection is dangerous, I warn,

It is equal to a pricking thorn.

Start immediately,

Do always regularly,

Act courageously,

Win comfortably.

If you are consistent,

And are also persistent,

Growth will be excellent,

So, act by being intelligent.

M V Venkataraman

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