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The New Year is born very grandly,

You mustn't waste time so blindly,

View the time passing damn kindly,

Will rescue you time, it is friendly.

Resolve to follow strict punctuality,

Solve problems to delete anxiety,

Will revolve clock to do its duty,

Will devolve upon all mortality.

Plan your life well in advance,

Then, you can in life advance,

No man should miss a fine chance,

Ban laziness by ending romance.

Leaf by leaf only will normally fall,

Brief is the stay for almost all,

Relief, God alone can install,

Belief stops grief-given downfall.

While away not time irresponsibly,

Smile to win must be done sensibly,

Fail never to think always reasonably,

Mail prayers to solve problems ably.

Run away not from any problem,

Fun makes your life a raw gem,

Sun is an example for eternal vim,

None must hold faith that is so dim.

Sadness is never at all good,

Mad must never be one's mood,

Gladness is for mind good food,

Badness is a tendency to brood.

Devotion to your everyday duty

And dedication despite adversity,

Will well-condition your personality,

With due admiration from the society.

Life-game, if is played shrewdly well,

You can tame Satan in the deadly hell,

Shame comes not to toilers who tell,

"Fame to Name" stops not by end-bell.

The Almighty fully knows about eternity,

Guarantee comes via prayer to give vitality,

Honesty in morality enjoys sure immortality,

Even a dynasty loses fame due to inactivity!

M V Venkataraman

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