Cunning Human Tactics Destroy Economics's image
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Cunning Human Tactics Destroy Economics

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 8, 2023
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Politics is spoiling Economics

Why? is known only to the Sky,

Money makes bad almost many

Poverty is a slave to prosperity

One man is poor under the Sun,

A rich man is ready to just ditch

People live without any principle

Poor souls are sadly poor forever

Monetary activity, all carry

Welcome riches, only some

Cruelly poverty rules really

Sufferings are His offerings

Capitalism and communism

Are with each other at war

Penury is the normal scenery

Laws of Economics have flaws

A politician beats a magician

Fraud is attached to him by God

Government does embezzlement

Cavity only invites the society

Advertisement for improvement

Gold is loved by young and old

Crazy money gains a great fancy

Cheats give to all great defeats

Power makes money easily flower

Inequality spoils world's equanimity

Theft brings in status a very big rift

Murder for money many consider

Jaws of the rich cause loss

Enter into it every matter

Rule the rich via money-tool

Tricks are done by statistics

Balance is lost without any sense

Worry due to monetary theory

Nobel ties in a belt her lovely bell

But, gloom is in minds casually put

Anatomy is had by every Economy

Mercy alone is the winning policy

Proper thinking alone is ever super

Love alone is the actual need now.

M V Venkataraman

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