Confusion Due to No solution's image
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When I think of the past,

My heart sadly bleeds,

Why so many losses?

I couldn't bear it at all.

You may lose once,

Or at the maximum,

More than thrice,

For me, loss is life.

In love I badly lost,

Goals not realized,

What harm I did?

I can't understand.

From every defeat,

I bounced stronger,

Again another blow,

How can I easily bear?

By people I was easily cheated,

God also ruthlessly ignored,

If God even doesn't show care,

Where shall my poor soul go?

I lost absolutely hope,

As events shattered me,

I became a nervous wreck,

Cure wasn't sadly available.

I disappointed none,

I did my part honestly,

Still I couldn't survive,

As my heart is tender.

Time was spent wastefully,

Mind derailed despite faith,

With none to kindly rescue,

I became a fully beaten man.

I imagined always success,

And then proceeded further,

By God, I was fully forgotten,

I faced innumerable pitfalls.

Still, God alone is my Savior,

To His feet, let me ever cling,

Surely will happen miracles,

Hope, future life, I will enjoy!

M V Venkataraman

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