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Confidence and Providence Fetch Rich Dividends

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 7, 2023
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For every great achievement,

Courage lays the basement,

Holding a patient temperament,

Is essential for advancement.

If you wholeheartedly concentrate,

Your mind does never at all deviate,

Great schemes, you can then initiate,

You will have the world to appreciate.

If blocks an impediment,

Not panicking is important,

No problem is permanent,

It dies if you are confident.

If you are calm and humble,

You will never at all stumble,

Make plans, don't just gamble,

Let noble emotions assemble.

Cheer up, don't grow weak,

Have a noble goal to seek,

Via prayer, to God, speak,

Be courageous, not meek.

Success will come so near,

If your ideas are very clear,

To mood, if you add cheer,

You will surely win, my dear.

An act when you regularly do,

It appears not tough and new,

About life have a broad view,

Dead past, never at all chew.

When you get severe anger,

It invariably ends in rancor,

Patience is the best anchor,

That will ever give succor.

Precious time, do not squander,

Over Nature's boons, just ponder,

Repeat not the committed blunder,

Pray to God when problems hinder.

Moral laws, practice, don't violate,

Contract with laziness, you terminate,

Praying attitude, sacredly cultivate,

Always God only is undoubtedly great.

M V Venkataraman

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