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Computers confuse

Whenever I use

Surely Bill Gates

Comes under greats

If it is under repair

I get a real scare

To work if it refuses

Worry this produces

If mouse feels bored

Or tired is key-board

They stop then working

I fear their work-shirking

Screen says some jargon

Mind is hit by doubt-dragon

I call my pretty wife

To save my petty life

She adjusts all the wires

I call all dealers liars

I feel terribly down

Jumping like a clown

She gives a quick check

I blame my ill-luck

I cannot abscond

I am not James Bond

Time is fast flying

Computer is lying

I want to break it

As it is now unfit

My face in the monitor

Makes my mood bitter

Central processing unit

Must have got a hit

My wife simply observes

Become dull my nerves

Is the UPS out of order?

I gradually turn madder

All the four units now laugh

As they form a strong staff

I feel immensely gloomy

My lovely wife calms me

"Cool down my dear

Please pick up cheer"

But, due to panic

I become a cynic

I scold the latest mechanic

And his defective technique

Is any wire-biting naughty mouse

Friendly with the computer-mouse?

Have they formed a new Union

To protect their companion?

I sadly switch on the computer

Gone is my hilarious laughter

Many figures are now shown

My brain behaves like a stone

I will go to the Internet shop

My worry gets a full-stop

For three days computer gets rest

After giving my mind undue unrest

My poem readers in the site

Spend very peaceful night

Surely a sigh of great relief

If my poem gave only grief

Did my computer strike

Due to any dislike?

My wife offers kindly consolation

Cutting my relation with dejection

"Due to constantly made usage

They have suffered true damage

Soon they will surely recover

Hold your confidence ever

Life itself will be plucked

By end all will be picked

Try to be patient to the core

None knows their end before"

After computer's full reparation

I enjoy now perfect recuperation

Key-board, monitor, mouse and CPU

Have unitedly come to my rescue

In fact this trouble-in-computer matter

Is written regularly in my life-chapter

Whenever I get into hot water

Computer-staff enjoy laughter.

M V Venkataraman

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