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Completion of Mission Via Devotion and Dedication

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 30, 2023
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What happened to discipline?

Why human mind isn't clean?

Can't God be by me seen?

To meet Him, I am so keen.

Man's main problem is this ego,

Away from his mind, ego must go,

Ego, if he well-learns to just forgo,

Happiness will be his mind's cargo.

Don't just preach, but follow,

Or else you will surely fall low,

In deciding, be prudently slow,

Once decided, accept the blow.

Convey to God all your fears,

Then, toil by shedding no tears,

All your agonies holy God hears,

As He possesses Sky-like ears.

Commit never any cruelty,

Though you may get royalty,

Silently bear every difficulty,

Try to solve via mental faculty.

Around you may take place riot,

But, keep yourself calm and quiet,

If precious peace comes not yet,

Beg God, for you to surely get.

God is our one and only benefactor,

Never at all forget this main factor,

In this world, everyone is an actor,

Your duty is to search for the nectar.

Never think of doing to anyone harm,

Though you may hold a powerful arm,

Let good habits mold your mind's form,

In fighting, lies not absolutely, charm.

When you make a try in full swing,

God's blessing-bell will surely ring,

In life, always remember one thing,

That is "God is living in everything"

Show to everything deep respect,

Over God's presence, don't suspect,

All your activities, God will inspect,

To a great extent, try to be perfect.

M V Venkataraman

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