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Comments can Make us Ants, Elephants, Serpents or Savants

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman January 14, 2023
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Comments are of different types. Nowadays comments come not after fifteen days in writing through a letter. They instantaneously reach the person concerned billion times faster than telegram!

Comments can be encouraging, kind, sarcastic, vulgar, mischievous, jealous, suggestive and advisory.

Encouraging comments give us an impetus to develop further to promote our writing talents to be better.

Kind comments guide us like a person with maturity who is interested in our welfare and so we are benefited.

Sarcastic comments pierce our feelings to make it bleed by doing a devilish deed to crucify our heart, nail our brain and degrade our soul.

Vulgar comments make fun of us and our efforts by pointing out imaginary faults to create irrelevant questions and numb our feelings.

Mischievous comments give us gloom as their attacks force us even to give up writing and we wonder whether such humans with vengeance also are called writers and poets.

Jealous comments criticize this and that and inject a feeling of utter disgust and that openly show the envying mentality of the comment creator whose heart burns to come across our expertise in writing.

Suggestive comments highlight the defects and merits and try to help us make a better contribution in future or make in the present writing itself some editing to make it get a better appearance in the matter of structure and thinking.

Advisory comments take an authoritative role by viewing us as inferior to pour out the ideas in many ways, but they are never that offensive so long as they force us to not implement their ideas immediately.

On the whole, comments must be creative, constructive and effective to help the writer positively, enthusiastically and hopefully march ahead with a faith that he can write something that will benefit humanity.

Please write and spit, digest, swallow or vomit comments and go ahead to do writing business!

M V Venkataraman

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