Calm Mentality Cancels Calamity's image
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Nothing can match calmness,

Calmness combined with firmness,

Invariably lead only to goodness,

Both have great usefulness.

When eyes are fully closed,

And in prayer mind is reposed,

By God, problems are opposed,

Solution to tackle is disclosed.

To acquire a calm mentality,

One must bear every difficulty,

And patiently develop that quality,

It is surely within one's capability.

The benefits of calmness are numerous,

But, its acquisition is highly strenuous,

Patience needed for that is enormous,

Calmness makes living truly glorious.

Calmness finely does soul's reparation,

By helping mind with unique preparation,

Calmness regulates heart's palpitation,

And controls emotion with precision.

Calm mind works like world's rotation,

It gives to peace regular invitation,

Nothing can equal its sterling reputation,

It greatly helps in the brain's computation.

Calm mind enjoys tranquility,

That can overcome any calamity,

My dear brain-possessing humanity,

Practice to give mind equanimity.

Brain is a powerful organ,

It must vanquish worry-dragon,

"Be Calm" is the best slogan,

Its power is superior to a gun.

Every mind is easily in a position,

To go for a calm state's acquisition,

To keep mind in a good condition,

Send to the Lord a prayer-petition.

Mind is a fast moving chariot,

Control it by being very quiet,

When thoughts make a riot,

Prayer alone is the best diet!

M V Venkataraman

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