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Wisdom has come at last,

It has now come at least,

The Sun rises in the East,

To give this world a feast.

By remaining perfect and practical,

Prevent life from becoming critical,

Growth must be mental and physical,

Progress must have to be methodical.

Life is rose cum thorn,

For all those who are born,

If one's feelings are torn,

God only can finely adorn.

By being wisely moderate,

One can control finely fate,

Moderation is the best state.

It will surely make you great.

Losses suffered can be numerous,

By being sportive and humorous,

Stop life from becoming so serious,

Let practicing patience be vigorous.

Losses must teach a lesson,

To that lesson, one must listen,

None can avoid losses my son,

Every soul, losses will imprison.

Learn the art to just forget,

Then, peace, you can get,

At no time, foolishly regret,

Your life hasn't ended yet.

Do sincerely your duty,

Leave the results to deity,

God believes in sincerity,

This preserves your sanity.

Talking is totally empty,

Action alone is mighty,

Employ God-given liberty,

Apply high-level sagacity.

God-faith, in heart, you carry,

Give no room for any worry,

Approach life by having merry,

For peace, prayer is necessary!

M V Venkataraman

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