Bliss is Enlarged by Duty-Discharged's image
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If you are properly employed,

Evasion of duty, you must avoid,

Over promotion, be not annoyed,

Thank God and feel overjoyed.

Help others in your office,

Chance to help, don't miss,

That alone is absolute bliss,

To be helpful, you promise.

Control properly your mind,

Let not your words be unkind,

Give support by being behind,

True joy, in your work, you find.

Learn work in every department,

Help loyally your management,

You have got the employment,

At no time have resentment.

Always be cheerful,

In some way be useful,

Despite defeat be hopeful,

Forget not to be dutiful.

Work when you start,

Keep God in your heart,

You will excel in your art,

By listing duty, keep a chart.

One by one, duty, you execute,

By giving no room for dispute,

Travel wisely in an honest route,

For career, lay a strong root.

Follow the technique of sharing,

And also the idea of boldly daring,

You will become everyone's darling,

As you bring in others' lives spring.

You will never at all get agitated,

If you have very calmly cogitated,

Before a matter gets aggravated,

For a solution, you get motivated.

In old glories, don't very lazily bask,

To the Lord, go and prayerfully ask,

To help you with interest in your task,

Go to a Temple or Church or Mosque!

M V Venkataraman

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