Better to Believe in the Creator's image
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Be never at all afraid,

Mighty God guards,

To Him, prayerfully go,

Express your agony.

Bow before Him,

Praise Him a lot,

Chant a prayer,

Love Him deeply.

He watches your acts,

So ever do only good,

Commit nothing bad,

God will then bless you.

God exists everywhere,

His residence is a Temple,

So, please daily go there,

It will make you confident.

Ask God to ever stay,

In your merciful heart,

Beg Him to drive away,

Evils that give troubles.

When difficulties arise,

Go to God and express,

A way will be then shown,

Solution will come to mind.

When you sincerely pray,

Outcome will be wonderful,

Prayer supplies sacred solace,

It is the best possible remedy.

Chant His name ever,

Let it become a habit,

You will be amazed,

By the positive results.

God controls everything,

Before Him you are tiny,

Approach Him humbly,

Reward will be plenty.

God's heart is softly tender,

It will get mercy very quickly,

If you fall at God's lotus feet

He blesses by feeling pleased.

M V Venkataraman

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